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Notary Fees: Louisiana State Information

It is extremely important that when you start your notary business or seek out the services of a notary public, you understand the state requirements and laws regarding notary fees. In many states there is a maximum fee that a notary can charge for a notorial act and this may differ from service to service. As a notary public, you should use these fees to create your notary fee schedule that you will provide to clients. As someone seeking notary services, it is important to understand these prices to ensure you are getting a good value. Learn about specific state notary fees below.

Becoming a Notary in Louisiana and Louisiana's Notary Exam Requirements

Notary Fees in Louisiana

Louisiana Notary Public Application Fee

The Louisiana notary application fee is $75.00.

Louisiana Notary Public Renewal Fee

Since Louisiana a notary public is appointed for a lifetime, there is no Louisiana notary public renewal fee.

Louisiana Notary Public Bond Cost

In the state of Louisiana, to become a notary public you will need a surety bond of $10,000 in most counties.

Louisiana Notary Public Fees: What a Notary Public Charges

In the state of Louisiana, a notary public is allowed to determine their own fees within reason.