Your Guide to Becoming a Notary Public and Notary Exams

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Notary Exam: Missouri State Information

It is very important that you are prepared to perform your duties as a notary in accordance with the law so that you are both a competent notary public as well as acting within the law. In order to ensure that you are ready to begin your notary business, many states require that you take a notary class where you will learn about how to perform notorial duties, and that you take a notary exam or notary test to show that you fully understand the laws and requirements. Whether or not your state requires a notary exam or notary class, it is recommended that you take a notary course and practice notary exam. Learn about your specific state requirements for notary tests and notary classes below.

Becoming a Notary in Missouri and Missouri's Notary Exam Requirements

Notary Exam in Missouri

Missouri Notary Education Requirements

In the state of Missouri, you are required by law to take a notary education course. This can be taken through the state or an approved vendor. You can take it online, in person, or through a written course.

Missouri Notary Exam

In the state of Missouri you are not required by law to pass a notary exam to become an official county notary. However it is recommended that you take a practice notary exam to ensure you fully understand your role and are ready to perform the official duties of a public notary.