Your Guide to Becoming a Notary Public and Notary Exams

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Notary Exam: Oregon State Information

It is very important that you are prepared to perform your duties as a notary in accordance with the law so that you are both a competent notary public as well as acting within the law. In order to ensure that you are ready to begin your notary business, many states require that you take a notary class where you will learn about how to perform notorial duties, and that you take a notary exam or notary test to show that you fully understand the laws and requirements. Whether or not your state requires a notary exam or notary class, it is recommended that you take a notary course and practice notary exam. Learn about your specific state requirements for notary tests and notary classes below.

Becoming a Notary in Oregon and Oregon's Notary Exam Requirements

Notary Exam in Oregon

Oregon Notary Class Requirements

In the state of Oregon, you are required by law to take a notary class either through the state or an authorized notary class provider. The notary course is three hours in length and can be either taken in person or online. When you submit your application, you will have to submit proof that you have taken the necessary Oregon notary class and passed the notary test.

Oregon Notary Exam

In the state of Oregon you are required by law to pass a notary exam to become an official notary. You will take the Oklahoma notary test as part of your Oklahoma notary education class. It is offered online through the Secretary of State.