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Notary Supplies

Purchase the notary supplies you need for your business Sitemap

For anyone who is becoming a notary public or already working as a notary having the right notary supplies is crucial to your business and may even be required by law. In most states a notary public is required to have a notary seal/stamp, a notary journal, and surety bond as part of their notary supplies. The notary seal/stamp is used to notarize documents and put your official seal on something. The notary journal is to record all of your notarial acts. Finally the surety bond, also sometimes called a notary bond, is to protect you and your customers in case a mistake is every made. In addition to these basic supplies, there are also many other great notary supplies on the market. Here are some of the best.

  1. Wilson Jones Journal of Notarial Acts: We know that there are many notary journals on the market but in our opinion this one is the best. It has a hard cover that ensures that your notes don't get damaged, torn, or ruined through common use. Moreover it is incredible simple and has an intuitive design with the right amount of information. Some notary journals have become very complicated but this one simplifies the process while still making sure you get all the information you need. It also includes quick and easy reminders about common notarial tasks.
  2. Notary Assist Software: This simple and easy to use software was designed by the husband of a notary signing agent. After watching her constantly struggle to track her invoices, contracts, income reports, and taxes he created a solution to help her. This software makes everything simple and helps you to keep track of your schedule, store client information, generate invoices, track business expenses, get driving directions, and create income, tax, and expense reports all in one simple solution. They also offer a free trial version so you can try it out and see it for yourself before purchasing it.
  3. Notary Privacy Guard: Everyone has a client who is extremely concerned with their privacy and wants to make sure that no one has access to their information. However this can be very difficult when someone is signing a document and his or her personal information is right there for the other person signing to see. The Notary Privacy Guard solves this problem by making sure that the client's information is protected. Make sure your clients always feel protected and that privacy is extremely important to you.
  4. 123 Print: If you want to grow your business, in our opinion having business cards, flyers, and notary fee schedules is critical. 123 Print does a great job of providing high quality, low priced printing that can help you take your business to the next level.
  5. Notary Seals and Stamps: It is extremely important for any notary public to have the right notary seal or stamp for notarizing documents. There are many places to buy notary seals and stamps and you want to make sure you are always getting a long lasting, high quality product.