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Our Top 5 Notary Tools

Our favorite notary tools that will help improve your notary business.

Our Top 5 Notary Tools

Every notary needs the basics to conduct a successful notary public business - the state embossing seal or rubber stamp seal, and a basic notary journal. However, there are many great products that can transform your notary business and ease the difficulty of working with excel spreadsheets, word documents and bookkeeping software just to name a few. Learn about our favorite notary products to help you make your business more profitable and stay sane.

  1. Notary Assist Software:
    Notary Assist is quite possibly the best notary software out there. It was designed by the husband of a notary signing agent who saw his wife constantly struggle to keep track of her schedule, invoices, contacts, income, and tax reports. To solve her problem, he developed an amazing software that does it all for you! Notary Assist software lets you keep track of your schedule, store client information, generate invoices, track business expenses, get driving directions, and create income, tax, and expense reports all in one simple and easy to use software. It is a must for any notary business in our opinion. They also offer a free trial version so you can try it out and see it for yourself.
  2. Notary Privacy Guard:
    Protecting our client's identities is critical in the notary business; however, all too often when our notary clients are signing documents, they are able to quickly read private information about another party. Notary Privacy Guard was created by a notary signing agent who once had a client see a neighbor's name in the list of previous signers. This prompted the client to ask about the neighbor's refinance interest rate and thus compromise her privacy. Notary Privacy Guard was created to ensure that this doesn't happen and that we are protecting both our clients and ourselves. In our eyes, it is a must both to ensure your clients feel protected and that you are protected.
  3. Wilson Jones Journal of Notarial Acts:
    There are lots of options for purchasing a notary journal but our favorite is the Wilson Jones Journal of Notarial Acts. The first reason we like this notary journal is because it is hard cover and as much as most notaries travel, this small feature ensures that your records will stay pristine and not be damaged. Secondly, this notary journal doesn't feature many of the bells and whistles of new journals, which makes it extremely easy and intuitive to use. You will never find yourself giving multiple directions about where or how to sign, instead it makes it quick and easy for both you and your client.
    You may be wondering why we are listing a printing service on this page, but as many of you know it is incredibly important that you have business cards and flyers as part of your notary business. A good company to do this through is We like this business for many reasons but perhaps most of all because they produce high quality, customizable printing at a very low cost. One of our favorite services from is their magnets, a marketing tool we never consider. Imagine, having your notary services on a magnet in major businesses and homes across your community - amazing and totally affordable!
    As many of us think about expanding our notary public services outside of our own community, as well as becoming mobile notary publics, one website that we like to help you do this is MeetWays helps you find a halfway point between two locations, plus it shows you a list of businesses near the halfay point based on what you search for. The reason we think this is a great tool for notaries is that when you are traveling to meet clients, you can find a halfway point to meet, this reduces your time and theirs for traveling. For many clients, this is a great additional service you can offer to increase your business and best of all, it's free.