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Online Notary

There are many benefits to becoming an online notary.

Online Notary

As people and businesses continue to conduct more business online and through email instead of in person, the need for an online notary or electronic notary is increasing. As a result, many states are beginning to pass legislation to let people notarize documents online and work as an online notary. Colorado, Michigan, California, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, Florida, Indiana and North Carolina have all passed online notary laws as of 2012 and many states continue to add this service. People who notarizing documents online are commonly known as online notaries, electronic notaries, and e-notaries.

Advantages of an Online Notary

There are many benefits to becoming an online notary or working with an online notary. First and foremost for most people is the fact that it eliminates the need for the client or notary to travel. When you work as an online notary, everything is done electronically and no one has to travel and spend time or money driving from one place to another. In addition, when you work as an online notary or with an online notary, you always have an electronic, and thus easily saved, record of the entire transaction. Emails and documents can be easily saved on a computer and pulled up at any time. Finally, being an online notary is much better for the environment because you are not traveling and are not using as much paper.

Disadvantages of an Online Notary

Even though there are many advantages of working with an online notary or being an online notary, there are some disadvantages as well. First of all, there will always be some clients who either do not trust working with an online notary or are not comfortable working with a computer. They may not feel like the level of service is the same as working with a notary in person, or may feel like the entire process is less secure. In addition, although online identity verification has gotten extremely reliable, many people still feel unsure about it. This is especially true in more serious transactions.

Becoming an Online Notary

The process for becoming an online notary differs in every state. Normally someone who wants to be an online notary will need to take extra steps, set out by the state, to ensure they know how to conduct business online since it is somewhat more complicated. If you do become an online notary, it is important to promote your services because likely you can create a substantial business. Online notaries are still relatively rare and many businesses are actively looking for online notaries who are reliable and quick that they can work with.

Online Notary Classes

In addition to becoming an online notary, many people may also be interested in taking online notary classes. These classes are available in most states and can help you either fulfill the state requirement for becoming a notary public and/or help you learn the necessary skills and laws to become a notary public. Online notary classes are a great way to efficiently and quickly take a notary class.